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Daina Matthie

Client Care Representative

I have been passionate about animals from a very early age and often contemplated how I could incorporate them into my life outside of the home. At twelve, I created a small pet sitting business with the support of my family which I continued throughout my schooling and often participated in fundraisers and activities with the local SPCA. After working in hospitality and customer service for many years I was ready to transition to a more administrative role and was thrilled to join the team at FAH where I can finally couple my love for animals with my experience in client care.

I graduated from Holland College in 2010 with a diploma in Hospitality & Tourism with a focus on Events Management. Though not directly related to the Veterinary field, the programs' emphasis on hospitality and customer service has proved so valuable in both previous work environments and in my current role interacting with the public at FAH.

The team at FAH is SO welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable working alongside everyone. They are kind, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do which really shines through in their work with clients. It goes without saying that regular pets and kisses from our furry friends is a definite perk of the job too!

The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is animal psychology and behaviour and how it pertains to our relationships with pets as well as with non-domesticated species.

Aside from animals, I am equally passionate about singing and love a little karaoke on weekends!