Natasha Mullins

Veterinary Assistant

I stumbled into veterinary medicine by accident, but I'm so glad I did. Initially I wanted to be a human nurse but turns out I prefer working with our furry friends!

While I don't yet have any formal schooling in this field, I often find myself using my education in Psychology (BA) to better navigate our behavioural cases, which are definitely my favorite. I love learning about the ways we relate to our pets in terms of psychology and mental health.

I look forward to the path I'm on here at FAH, there are so many opportunities! Everyone on our team loves to teach, the Doctors are always down to talk diagnostics and the techs are eager to answer my many lab questions. Working with such a helpful team makes this new career path much less scary.

In my free time, I enjoy snuggling my cat Jovie, cooking fancy new dishes, creating fun cocktails and teaching myself how to read palms!