Bird Services

Birds make loving loyal companions. At Fredericton Animal Hospital, we provide medical care and advice for your feathered friends. We provide care for all types of birds and treat them individually as they all have unique and specific requirements. Some household birds we see at our practice are: Cockatoos, Lovebirds, Finches, Parakeets, Doves and Meyers Parrots and many more. If you have any of these loving pets we would be happy to assist you in giving them the best care they need. To schedule an appointment for your feathery companion, give us a call at 506.455.1700.

How can I care for my pet bird?

Our veterinarians recommend two annual checkups to ensure they are in good health. In addition to routine exams, here are other ways to care for your pet bird:

1. Socialize and interact with your pet. Engaging your pet bird for about three hours daily can keep them happy. When you play with them it gets them more accustomed to being domesticated.
2. Allow them to exercise. By nature, birds are always flying around and searching for food. When you allow them to play outside of their cage it brings them closer to their first nature. Exercise can be fun activities where you teach them tricks, play games or allow them to have some freedom outside of their cage.
3. Choose an appropriate cage and toys for your pet bird. Toys are important especially if your pet is by themselves for most of the day. Giving them a variety of toys will prevent them from getting bored easily. Toys for your pet bird may include: rawhide, beads, bells, spools, molted feathers, paper for them to shred or some rope inside a toy for your feathered friend to manipulate. There are many other intelligent and foraging toys for pet birds, just ask our veterinarians for some recommendations.