Fredericton Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing reasonably priced dental services because your pet’s oral health is so essential to their overall heath. A healthy mouth means a health body. 


Why is Dental Care Needed for Pets?


When dental cleanings are missed, the impact on your pet’s health can be significant. As tartar builds up, abscesses may form along the gum line causing infection. Left unattended, the infection can enter the blood stream, leading to serious health problems such as heart, liver, lung and kidney disease.

How Dental Care Helps


  • Increases lifespan

  • Improves length and quality of life

  • Decreases infections by reducing bacteria in the mouth that can spread throughout the body and infect organs, which can lead to chronic disease


What is a Dental Cleaning


When rough tartar accumulates on tooth surfaces and touches the gum line it’s time for a cleaning. This visit will include a thorough dental examination, teeth cleaning, and polishing to remove the tartar and invisible plaque from all of the tooth surfaces.


During a cleaning, your cat or dog will be placed under general anesthesia. X-rays will be taken to see those areas below the gum line that are hidden from view. Then the team will thoroughly examine the mouth, noting abnormalities in the medical record. If periodontal disease is advanced, it may not be possible to save the badly affected teeth, which may need to be extracted.



*Prices provided are for routine dental procedures. Additional costs may be required for more complex procedures.