Exotic Pets Services

Having an exotic pet is a huge undertaking for anyone. With the right care and veterinary help, exotic pets can be cared for in a way that brings them closer to their unique nature. At Fredericton Animal Hospital our team is always available to provide advice to owners on how to improve the care for their loyal companions. Our main goal is to have every patient live happy and healthy lives even if they are not traditionally kept as pets. If you’re considering or already have an exotic pet and would like to know more, call us at 506.455.1700.

What is an exotic pet?

An exotic pet is any animal not commonly kept as a household pet whose natural habitat is in the wild. It is common for exotic pets to have unpredictable behaviours as they aren’t used to being domesticated. Some examples of exotic pets that we treat include reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and turtles.

How can I care for my exotic pet?

Before you get an exotic pet it is important you do research on that animal. Exotic pets are not easy to care for or tame. You should go into exotic pet ownership with as much information as possible. Being informed can also keep you from running into problems with the law as exotic pet ownership is regulated in some cities. You should always consult with an experienced and informed veterinarian about how you can care for your exotic pet. Our team can assist you in creating a lifestyle and nutrition plan as well as provide medical care for your pet.