Fredericton Animal Hospital carries high-quality veterinary diets: Royal Canin, Purina Veterinary Diets and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.  Veterinary diets are designed to provide proper nutrition to pets depending on their age, breed, lifestyle, health, and other considerations. Our staff is trained to help you find the food that will ensure your pet’s optimal health. 


Veterinary foods are generally less expensive than most brand name foods since it lasts much longer due to its high nutrient density (you feed you pet less at each feeding). Our food is guaranteed – if you find that a food you purchased from us isn’t meeting your pet’s needs, please return it for a full refund or exchange and we will work together to find the most appropriate food for your pet.









Weight Management


Maintaining your pet at a healthy weight helps prevent or minimize a variety of health risks including arthritis, joint problems, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. 


Healthy weight is achieved and maintained through a balanced diet and exercise. If your pet is overweight, our veterinarians can create a weight-loss plan specific to your pet’s individual needs. In addition to reducing food and increasing exercise, we have other options such as prescription diet foods and weight-loss medication.


Joint care


Older pets frequently suffer from arthritis and joint pain. Proper joint care can increase your pet’s quality of life. In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, we offer several supplements for joint health.