Pocket Pets Services

When people say pocket pets, they often refer to small mammals like rodents which are often kept as household companion pets. Even though they are tiny, they make loving friends for just about anyone in the family. At our hospital we understand that just like any dog or cat, pocket pets are important members of the family and from time to time need veterinary care.

What pocket pets does your hospital provide care for?

At Fredericton Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary service for hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats and chinchillas.

When should I schedule an appointment for my pocket pet?

When your pocket pet first joins your family they should be taken to see a vet for a veterinary checkup. Following that initial visit, they should have one annual routine wellness exam to identify any health issues. Additionally, if your pocket pet is showing signs they are unwell you should schedule an appointment. If your pet has diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, poor hair quality and lumps these may be signs of a health condition. To schedule an appointment for your pocket pet call 506.455.1700.