Rabbit Services

Rabbits are very popular household pets. Having a bunny as a pet is a good idea as they can live up to 12-years-old. Our veterinary care team is experienced in providing care, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes that can keep your pet rabbit in great health. To learn more about the care we provide for bunnies, call 506.455.1700.

Does my pet rabbit need to be spayed or neutered?

Yes! Spaying or neutering your bunny can protect them from illness. We recommend bunnies be spayed or neutered between 4 to 6-months-old.

What should I feed my bunny?

Bunnies can have a varied diet, but it should be made up of mostly grass and leaves. Sometimes you can treat them to some fruits and vegetables. It is okay for your pet rabbit to eat kale, Timothy hay and small portions of rabbit pellets. For treats you can give them blueberries, bell peppers and carrot tops. Some foods like grapes, almonds, chocolate, beans and cereal should not be given to rabbits.

How can I care for my pet rabbit?

1. Provide an appropriate cage. Pet rabbits need a cage big enough for them to live in comfortably. Your bunny should be able to stand on their back legs without their ears touching the roof. We also advise that each cage have separate spaces for their water bowl, litter box and some hay for them to play and hide in.
2. Give them quality toys. Toys made from hard plastic are easier for them to chew on.
3. Groom and handle them carefully. You should brush them regularly and trim their nails every month. When holding your pet bunny you should support their back and scoop them up under their chest.