Joline Sullivan

Practice Manager

Joline graduated from the University of New Brunswick, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She grew up in Fredericton and has always been passionate about animal welfare, particularly companion pet medical care. Although she does not work directly with the animals, she is involved at a managerial level to ensure their proper medical care.

​Joline worked as a veterinary assistant for the Lock Lomond Veterinary Hospital in Saint John. This experience provided her with insight as to how veterinary care is delivered and the challenges involved. She volunteered with CARMA in Fredericton, helping spay/neuter clinics and fostering rescue cats. Fostering the cats and helping them get appropriately settled into loving homes to live the spoiled life they deserve has been rewarding.

​She is interested in client education and enjoys that Fredericton Animal Hospital encourages this. Helping pet owners better understand prevention and treatment for medical conditions ensures the animals' best possible care.

​One of Joline's favourite things to do is to curl up with her cat Petrie and read a good book. She also loves being in the outdoors, hiking, and kayaking. Her interests have even taken her outside of Canada. Several years ago, she went on a humanitarian trip to Bolivia and visited villages of indigenous Quechua people, seeing them live off the land the way they have for thousands of years.