Bloodwork Services for Pets

Although bloodwork is primarily done for diagnosis it is necessary even if your pet isn’t sick. All pets should have their bloodwork done at least once every year during their veterinary exam. Bloodwork can diagnose many conditions such as anemia, diabetes and liver conditions. At our hospital we have an on-site laboratory where we perform blood and urine testing which allows us to provide same day results. If your pet needs their routine bloodwork done we encourage you to reach out to us at 506.455.1700.

Why are blood tests important if my pet is healthy?

Blood tests are important for three main reasons. As mentioned before, even healthy pets need their bloodwork done. The first reason why even pets of seemingly good health need bloodwork is to establish a “baseline” or “normal health levels”. When our team knows the baseline health of your pet, it’s much easier to spot changes in their blood results later. Other reasons why blood tests are important are:

1. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork. Before your pet undergoes surgery we always perform blood tests to determine if your pet is healthy enough for the procedure. By performing lab work our team determines how much anesthesia to use during the surgery.
2. To diagnose illnesses that cannot be identified with physical examination. Many conditions may not show physical symptoms, furthermore, some illnesses may not show signs in the early stages. Routine bloodwork may catch these illnesses before they are more serious and harder to treat.
3. To diagnose early signs of illnesses in senior pets. Older pets are more vulnerable to developing certain conditions, with regular bloodwork we can catch them before they advance.

What are signs my pet needs their bloodwork done?

There are many symptoms that may need blood tests to determine the cause. These signs should be taken very seriously as your pet’s well-being is in danger. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Increase/decrease in thirst or urination

    How often should my pet have bloodwork done?

    Pets age a lot faster than humans and so regular bloodwork helps determine what state they are in. All pets need their blood tested at least once every year. However, our veterinarians may recommend testing at any given moment. If your pet is a senior or suffers from other health issues, they may need more than one blood test each year.

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