Cardiology Services for Pets

Just like humans, your pet can suffer from heart problems. A great way to get ahead of these issues is to have your pet come in for regular checkups. Fredericton Animal Hospital has access to a cardiologist who can perform echocardiograms here at the hospital. Through the use of digital technology and blood tests, we can diagnose cardiac issues and begin treatments before it worsens. Even if your furry friend is diagnosed with a condition, they can still live a normal and happy life with the right veterinary help.

What are symptoms of heart disease in pets?

Signs of cardiac problems manifest themselves differently in each pet, however there are many signs you should look out for. The following are signs your pet needs a veterinarian’s examination for possible heart issues:

1. Persistent coughing
2. Laboured breathing
3. Weight loss
4. Fainting
5. Decreased energy

These signs are not exclusive to only heart disease but they could be warning sides for other illnesses. For this reason, we encourage you to reach out to us at 506.455.1700 if you see these signs in your pet.

How are cardiac problems treated in pets?

The treatment used on pets suffering from cardiac problems may be different because of their age, how serious the illness is and the lifestyle they live. Common ways in which we treat heart issues are through medications to correct irregular heartbeats or reduce lung fluid, a low sodium diet which reduces fluid build-up, and lastly surgery to repair torn valves or to insert a pacemaker.

What causes heart problems in pets?

Cardiac problems in pets may stem from three main reasons:

1. Genetics – meaning they could be born with a heart defect.
2. Age – older pets are more likely to develop cardiac issues such as leaky heart valves
3. Lifestyle issues – pets who are overweight and perform little to no exercises may develop heart problems.