Euthanasia Services for Pets

As a pet owner you wish that your loyal companion could live for as long as you do. Unfortunately, your pet ages approximately 7 years in 1 year of your life which means that, sadly, their lifespan is shorter. We understand no one is ever ready to say their final goodbye to their beloved companions, but euthanasia is the last act of kindness you extend to your furry friend when they are facing terminal illnesses with chronic pain. When it’s time to discuss end of life care, our team at Fredericton Animal Hospital is here to listen to your concerns and provide advice. We vow to give your loyal companion a respectful and gentle passing when it is their time.

What is euthanasia in pets?

Euthanasia is the medical term used for ending your pet’s life. It is pain-free and only performed when other medical treatments to remedy or relieve an illness or condition have failed. Euthanasia is only recommended when veterinarians see your pet’s quality of life is deteriorating.

How can I tell if my pet has a poor quality of life?

It is normal for your pet’s quality of life to diminish due to their age or illness. Your pet’s behaviour can be used to determine if they have a poor quality of life. If their changed behaviours are a result of pain from an illness, medications can be used to relieve the pain but their attitudes may remain the same. When you notice your pet is less affectionate or playful, eating less and sometimes even hiding it means they have a low quality of life. These observations should be relayed to your veterinarian as your pet may be suffering. Call us at 506.455.1700 to find out what you can do for your cherished pet.

What should I expect when my pet is euthanized?

Euthanasia is a simple procedure that puts your pet to sleep. At our hospital we have our trained technicians administer a sedative before our doctor gives the final medication. The medication is given in the form of an injection and it stops their heart and any brain activity. We have a special room at our hospital where we perform the procedure and owners are allowed to be with their pets in their final moments.

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