Focus on Client Education

We schedule 30 to 60 minute appointments to allow us to evaluate all aspects of your pet’s lifestyle, diet and exercise and explain what we find. We do our best to educate our clients so that together we can provide the individualized care you would expect for any valued family member.  We want to provide you with the information you need, answer your questions, and provide follow up after your visit to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. 


Ensuring Your Pet’s Comfort

Your pet's comfort is our priority. We make sure all pets are comfortable, happy and relaxed while in our care. We want your pet to have an enriched experience while visiting us and they'll enjoy soft beds, toys, and snacks during exams. Should your pet be staying with us longer, a veterinary assistant will be dedicated to caring for your pet throughout their visit.  


After Visit Follow Up

We take the time to teach you how to make caring for your pet as easy and fun as possible. Whether it's teaching you how to give a pill to your cat, changing your pet's food, or providing supportive care at home, you will not have to do it alone.  You will also receive follow up telephone calls after surgeries and certain medical procedures by a veterinary technician. We'll work with you to ensure your puppy or kitten is happy and well socialized. We encourage our clients to call or email us at anytime. 


High Staff to Veterinarian Ratio

We have 4 staff for every veterinarian, which is much higher than the typical hospital at an average of 3 staff per veterinarian.  This allows our veterinarians to focus on medicine and communicating with you, while delegating support tasks to highly trained registered technicians, who have completed a diploma in veterinary technology. Our veterinary assistants support our technicians and ensure that your pet is well looked over during their visit. Our high staff ratio also ensures that your visit is as efficient as possible. 


Modern Therapies

We are the only hospital in New Brunswick offering minimally invasive surgery (MIS) options for spays and neuters, which are much less painful for your pet and require much shorter recovery times. MIS can also be used for liver biopsies and other abdominal procedures. We also offer acupuncture and animal massage. Our hospital was completely renovated in 2012 with all new equipment including digital x-ray machines, laboratory analyzers, anesthetic and monitoring equipment, and computerized patient records.