Acupuncture for Pets

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment we offer to our patients suffering from pain, inflammation and other conditions. This form of medicine was adopted from Ancient Eastern Chinese medicine and we’ve seen great results in pets who’ve received the treatment. Acupuncture is a good option for your pet as it eliminates the need for surgery or the use of pain medications.

How does acupuncture work in my pet?

At our hospital we administer acupuncture treatments to pets suffering from pain and energy imbalance. Our first step would involve making a thorough assessment of your furry friend’s condition. The assessment tells our veterinarian how many sessions your pet may need to see improvements. During each session our trained veterinarians insert needles at specific points where nerves and blood vessels meet. This will encourage blood circulation which in turn promotes healing, stimulates the nervous system and releases anti-inflammatory substances. After about three or four sessions we usually see our patients experience less pain and discomfort.

Is acupuncture painful for my pet?

Acupuncture is completely pain-free. In fact, many of our patients become relaxed when we begin to insert the needles. Your pet may experience some soreness after a session but it goes away within 48 hours.

What conditions can acupuncture be used to treat?

There are many conditions that acupuncture may be used for, here are some that our hospital regularly treats with acupuncture:

1. Chronic back pain
2. Arthritis
3. Allergies
4. Dysplasia
5. Digestive issues
6. Joint inflammation
7. Wounds with exposed nerve endings

If your pet is suffering from any of these conditions call us at 506.455.1700 to find out how acupuncture can make their life easier.

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